Mind Over Matter

This survivor is all about her business, her #Blackowned business. Owner of Da Jerk Pit in Evanston Chicago, Ebony Love was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 times. After all, she has been through she maintains a positive perspective and an advocate for other women who are fighting breast cancer. Here is her story.

Hi, my name is Ebony Love! I am a 36-year-old mother and a 3X breast cancer survivor in remission for 7 years now.

I was first diagnosed in 2009 with Stage 0 Breast Cancer, in 2011 with Stage 1 Breast Cancer, and in 2013 with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. I have undergone a Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, reconstruction surgeries, Radiation, Multiple Chemotherapies, Oomphorectomy, Falsodex injections, Arimidex, Tamoxifen, Zoladex injections, 3 breast biopsies, thyroid biopsy, and every possible scan (bone, ct, MRI, bone density, mammogram, pet scan, ultrasound- which will be mandatory for the rest of my life) possible in the last 11 years.

Since my diagnosis I have suffered; Fractured Ribs, Neuropathy, 3rd Degree Burns, Weight Gain, Entire Body Hair Loss, Body Numbness, and many other ailments.

Ebony Love fought cancer 3 times and still smiles

While facing treatments, I was agonized by how I felt and looked. I purchased pricey wigs with my own monies to mask my bald head and I wore comfortable bras to assist me in my transition to having lost my breast to cancer. It dawned on me at that time that the free resources available to women facing breast cancer were very bleak when it came to “style”. Not to mention, the cost for the more stylish items were ridiculous.

Amidst purchasing those “Feel better” items for myself, I wondered how I could make a difference in women’s lives that are financially struck and can’t afford such items. Facing any cancer is more than enough on any given person, but the struggle of financial obligations at the same given time can be a curse.

As a survivor today, I come across many women facing cancer who ask me if I know of any resources that support the woman in the fight. I soon plan to begin my own foundation to support women of color in the fight with mastectomy bras and custom wigs to help them still feel fabulous. 🎀💪🏾💕

Love Ebony

 My motto throughout my experiences: Mind Over Matter!

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