Celebrating breast cancer survivors. 

Breast cancer accounts for the largest number of cancer-related deaths among women, and the rates of breast cancer cases continue to increase globally. These frightening statistics are part of the reason why most people think of breast cancer as terminal.

But it doesn’t have to be!

Screening and early detection are the most effective ways to improve survival outcomes. When identified early, effective treatments can be utilized to manage the spread and reduce the risk of death.

Women and men have endured the physical and mental strain of a breast cancer diagnosis. And while we have lost too many to this cancer monster, there are survivors who are thriving and prepared to share their story.

We are PAINTING IT PINK for all the survivors!

These stories of fear and pain yet STRENGTH and RESILIENCE, create a foundation of hope for others. The RxRounds family feels humbled by the opportunity to share these stories of triumph on our platform. It is our hope that this campaign will empower others to get screened and fight this disease.

It takes a great deal of strength to share your most intimate struggle and we are so grateful that these women chose to allow us to share their stories.

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